Established in 2017, Prestige Ideal Solution Sdn. Bhd. is a financial consulting firm integrating consultation related to real estate, finance and bank loans as well as mortgages. Equipped with years of real estate investment experience, we aim to assist our clients in finding and securing the best property projects in the market. Backed by a group of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals, Prestige Ideal Solution also focuses on various financial services, including providing customers with latest financial information and assisting clients to better understand the procedures involved when buying a property or investing in the real estate market.

Customer-centric has always been the most significant principle that we uphold. Meeting every customer’s needs and providing quality after-sales services have always been our top priorities.

We aim to create a great experience for all our clients, enabling them to feel our genuineness, as well as raising our company’s reputation amongst our clients.

We will also focus on satisfying the best interests of customers, including real estate investment, consulting services and so forth.

We have established a professional team to more effectively observe and analyze the potential of investment projects

We are proficient in such as real estate development projects, investments, financing, and refinancing, etc

We will also assist clients in selecting the ideal and potential property in prime locations.

Our team of financial experts is able to assist our clients in solving mortgage-related issues


We aim to become the largest real estate investment consulting firm in Malaysia, leading the real estate market trend, and expanding the real estate market overseas, making it easy for clients abroad to understand and acquire property in Malaysia, while enabling Malaysians to buy property overseas.


To achieve our vision, we shall provide a one-stop solution service to our clients, ranging from the initial acquiring stage to the selling stage which includes:

1.  Assist clients in managing and selling their property

2.  Assist clients to solve all real estate related issues

3.  Enable clients to acquire a property at a faster and easier pace


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